Nawnghkio , 11 November

Joint forces of TNLA and MDY PDF attacked three armored vehicles that headed to Nawnghkio Township in Northern Shan State, according to the report of  TNLA.

The Ta’ang Army’s PSLF/TNLA and MDY PDF joint forces opened fire on the junta reinforcement troop about 9:30 pm on 9 November, and one armored truck was destroyed near Umakha village, Naung Cho Township.

One out of the three reinforcement armored vehicles was destroyed and the other two were retreated, according to the statement.

Moreover, the area around Nawnghkio Township is controlled by TNLA troops and there are frequent skirmishes with the junta troops.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance were able to capture and destroy seven armored vehicles and seven tanks of the Military junta during the battle.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – The Kokang

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