Pale, 11 November

Military junta fired and abolished Letaung Nge village in Pale township, Sagaing Region and more than 60 houses were burned and destroyed, ABSDF Column 3 told Than Lwin Times.

On 8 November, the junta convoy leaving Pale Township for Yinmabin township was attacked by the revolutionary forces, and  the military carried out retaliatory arson attack that caused the entire village to burn down.

As the Letaung Nge village has almost 100 houses, and the entire village was burned down, and the villagers put out the fire together with the defense forces.

Two junta soldiers were killed in the incident, according to ABSDF Column – 3.

The defense forces confronted the infantry vanguard force, and attacked with mines and small arms.  The causality was high as junta troops entered the mine field, said Private Pe Phyo Kyaw, information officer from ABSDF Column-3 to Than Lwin Times

The defense forces retreated without any harm, and the junta troops headed to Yinmabin township during the battle.

 The attack was jointly carried out by the ABSDF No. 14 Battalion, Burma Liberation Democratic Front (BLDF) and the PaleTownship People’s Defense Forces.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – ABSDF Column 3

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