PDF attack  junta outpost in Magway


Yaysakyo, 13 November

People’s Defense Forces attacked a junta outpost in Yaysakyo township, Magway region, the Myingyan Black Tiger forces told Than Lwin Times.

On 10 November morning, local PDFs launched attacks on Nyein Zani camp, a war veterans’ office, and  controlled the office.

” It is two story-building. The lower floor has been occupied. The upper floor has also been shot with 42mm rockets. The junta’s flag was pulled down. The outpost was completely under our control,” told Major Mike Chei, the leader of Myingyan Black Tiger group, to Than Lwin Times.

While the camp was almost under control, their forces could not prevent the military’s reinforcements, and then they had to retreat, he said.

Two junta soldiers were killed, many were injured, and five fled in that battle.

The attack was jointly carried out by YSO TPG Urban Guerrilla Force, Popa Production & Guerilla Force (PPGF, Myoung Allied forces and Thway Thauk Revolution Force).

The resistance forces suffered two injuries, and the military conducted aerial attacks on the area  between Yaylaekyun and Myoung township.

Due to the offensive attacks of the revolutionary forces, the military junta has tightened security and is conducting more inspections in Magway region, residents told Than Lwin Times.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – MBT


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