Loikaw, 14 November

The regime troops’ artillery shelling and air raids killed 11 civilians in Operation 1111 in Kayah State, said the Karenni State Interim Executive Council (IEC).

On November 11, revolutionary forces attacked seven military outposts that had been stationed in Kayah State (Kareni) for decades.

Five civilians were killed in Loikaw and six in Mobye as a result of artillery shelling and ground assaults by junta troops.

According to Karenni resistance forces, the fighting killed at least ten people who did not flee during the previous fighting, some of whom were returnees.

The IEC Secretary, U Banyar, urges people to avoid regime troops as much as possible as fighting in Kayah State may intensify.

The IEC has warned the resistance forces not to harm the people and not to damage the people’s houses during the fighting.

The revolutionary forces also warned people to be alert and prepared as people and buildings could be damaged during their operations.

The military council supported its forces with heavy weapons from the bases of Demoso, Loikaw and Mobye in the last two days of fighting, as well as 20 raids with two fighter jets.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ

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