Kyaikmaraw, 16 November

Junta soldiers have surrendered, who entered the Chaunghnakwa village, Kyaikmaraw township, Mon State, according to the announcement of the Ministry of Defence of the National Unity Government on 15 November evening.

In the battles on 13 November, 14 junta soldiers including the commander and 1 officer of the Regiment22, were killed and five   soldiers including one officer were captured in the battle, according to a statement.

According to NUG’s statement,  8 soldiers including 1 officer are still missing during that battle.

The revolutionary joint forces attacked and occupied the police station and the bridge gate station in the Chaunghnakhwa village during the battle on 15 November, and the military council carried out at least eight airstrikes.

The revolutionary joint forces including the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), launched attack on the two junta camps on 10 November, and they were completely captured in the afternoon of 13 November.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – MOD

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