110 soldiers killed in raiding their camp at Loikaw university


Loikaw, 17 November

More than 110 soldiers were killed when the joint revolution forces in Karenni state attacked the military junta stationed inside the Loikaw University, Kayah State, according to the news release of   KNDF.

On the third and fourth days of Operation 1111,  started on 11 November, 425th  Light Infantry Battalion and 6th  Light Infantry Battalion of the 66th  Military Division stationed inside the Loikaw University were completely defeated.

The regime troops were suffered and 38 junta soldiers were captured during the fighting, informed by KNDF.

Almost the entire battalion were killed, including the 425th battalion commander and the lieutenant battalion commander of the military council, and almost half of the strength of 6th Light Infantry Battalion were defeated.

Just before the final raid on 14 November, the remaining junta troops were given the chance to surrender in the evening, and 32 soldiers led by Company Commander Kaung Myat Ko surrendered.

 In addition, 134 non-CDM personnel and 64 family members are being accommodated in safe and secure place, according to the Karenni Interim Administrative Council IEC.

 Many heavy weapons,128 small arms and ammunition from junta troops were seized during the battles and surrendered captives were given the rights to  KNDF’s military acst and policies, as well as the necessary health care during the battles.

News, Than Lwin Times

 Photo – KNDF


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