Kyaikmaraw, 19 November

The explosion at Attaran Bridge (Chaunghnakhwa) in Kyaikmaraw Township collapsed the bridge, making travel difficult for locals, and the taxi fare increased, said locals.

The bridge collapse hinders the residents of over 20 villages, including Thanpayar and Seikkyi in Kyainseikkyi and over 30 villages, including Chaunghnakhwa, Pawlaw, Mee Thway Kon and Kyauk Kwe in Kyaikmaraw Township.

Passenger buses are diverted to other routes, so the fare for the Mudon-Myawaddy route has risen from 15,000 to 60,000 kyats.

Attaran Bridge in Chaunghnakhwa village is located on the Mudon-Kyun Ywar-Taung Kalay-Chaunghnakhwa-Kyainseikkyi road and is a major bridge connecting Myawaddy and Phayar Thone Suu, on  Thai-Myanmar border.

Attaran Bridge (Chaunghnakhwa) was the main support route for the military council during the battle, so it was blown up in the morning of November 17, according to the revolutionary forces.

As of now, the Chuanhnakhwa area is still unstable, and the military council is using helicopters, and heavy and small arms to suppress the revolutionary groups while the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the People’s Defense Force (PDF) are also attacking the army with bomb-carrying drones.

Since November 10, fierce fighting has erupted in Chaunghnakhwa, with 28 junta soldiers laying down their weapons.

News- Than Lwin Times


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