Kyaikmaraw, 22 November

Following fierce fighting between the two sides in Kyaikmaraw Township, Mon State, at least 20 villages have lost internet access, while phone lines in some villages are down, said locals.

Since November 10, the junta army has engaged with resistance forces in Kyaikmaraw’s Chuanghnakhwa, forcing thousands of local residents to flee.

At the moment, the fighting has subsided but mobile internet and Wi-Fi service are still inaccessible.

Internet access has been cut off in at least 20 villages, including Chuanghnakhwa, Mae Ka Yo, Kyuakkwe, Mayankon, Taungkalay, Kanarlo, Phar Thein, and Ye Pu Kawtset.

According to five local residents, the internet shut down a week after the fighting and was completely cut off on November 21.

According to inquiries by Than Lwin Times, the internet blackout is mainly related to the ban on access to the communication towers in Kyaikmaraw Township to refuel and the military council’s inability to provide security.

Furthermore, the detonation of the Chaunghnakhwa bridge disrupted the junta-controlled MPT phone lines and internet services.

Kyaikmaraw Township has ATOM, Mytel, Ooredoo, and MPT telecom services, but the villages and related villages do not have internet access at all.

The military situation between the junta and the revolutionary forces in the Chaunghnakhwa region continues to intense, and the Mudon-based Artillery is assisting its forces day and night by firing artillery shells.

More than 4,000 Kyaikmaraw residents have been displaced by the fighting and are in need of humanitarian assistance, said the displaced people.

News-Than Lwin Times


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