Kyaikto, 22 November

More than 3,000 residents of seven villages fled their homes as junta troops fired heavy weapons into Mon State’s Kyaikto township on a daily basis, reported the KNU-Thaton District on 21 November.

The regime units stationed in Bago Region’s Shwe Kyin and Mon State’s Kyaikto Townships have launched mortar shells into villages since November 10, said the statement.

The junta army’s artillery shelling forced more than 3,000 people from villages such as Pyinkadoe, Zeepyaung, Winkan, Win Kalaw, Ah Lu, Hngat Pyaw Taw, and Kyauk Phyar.

A cow belonging to local U Noe Tu was killed and three others were injured in junta shelling, according to the KNU.

Since the coup, the junta army has fired heavy weapons into the villages and workplaces of civilians in Kyaikto Township, killing or injuring residents and damaging their homes, residents said.

In Kyaikto Township, the junta army was afraid of being attacked by the revolutionary forces; they fired at least 20 mortar shells almost at night.

Meanwhile, the regime forces are preparing to defend their bases by destroying some inter-village tracts to prevent the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) joint forces from attacking them, according to ground sources.

News-Than Lwin Times


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