Mawlamyine University staff prohibited from leaving campus housing


Mawlamyine, 23 November

Following the occupation of Loikaw University by resistance forces, the military council prohibited non-CDM teachers and staff from leaving the housing of Mawlamyine University.

The non-CDM staff at Mawlamyine University moved to nearby relatives’ homes and neighborhoods due to concerns after revolutionary forces captured Kayah State’s Loikaw University, which was stationed by regime forces.

The junta-appointed Rector held an emergency meeting on November 17 and banned the movement due to an increase in the number of staff moving outside the university campus.

He instructed the university staff to return to campus to prevent school-related information from leaking and to be prepared to avoid harm if the PDF attacked.

According to a non-CDM staff, who did not want to be named, if a fight breaks out on the university campus, the Rector instructed them to prepare exits in order to escape in time and to stay together as a group if the way out is blocked.

Mawlamyine University’s non-CDM staff is currently preparing entrances and exits, as well as hiding places, in the dormitories, and they are watching to see if outsiders enter.

There are hundreds of non-CDM staff and their families at Mawlamyine University, the majority of whom live on campus.

News-Than Lwin Times



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