Ye, 23 November

The military council is preparing a strong defense in response to reports that revolutionary forces will take over the Ye town of Mon State, said locals and military sources.

The military council has been digging trenches in battalions, camps, police stations, and departmental offices in Ye since early November and setting up bunkers.

Military sources said that the military council has increased security at military bases that are likely to be attacked by revolutionary forces and has installed a large number of howitzers and heavy weapons on strategic hills.

In addition, the military council has moved important departmental offices in Ye to the military compound, ordered staff to be vigilant, and asked military family members to provide security 24 hours a day.

According to local residents, regime forces no longer block and search areas inside and outside Ye, and civilians are afraid to go out.

After the report spread that the revolutionary groups would take over Ye, local residents were hoarding basic food items, including rice, and the prices of commodities have risen exponentially, and they are no longer able to buy fuel easily, according to local residents.

On the other hand, local residents are worried about reports that the military council will use civilians as porters during the fighting.

The revolutionary forces targeted junta battalions, military outposts, and departments in Mon State’s Ye Township, which was declared martial law, with the military council losing some territory.

News-Than Lwin Times


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