Kawkayeik’s junta staff seek refuge in KNU


Kawkayeik, 26 November

Some staff came to take refuge in the KNU area after the Karen National Union (KNU) issued a final warning to all those involved in the administration of the military council in Kawkayeik Township, Karen State, according to sources.

On November 17, the Standing Committee of the KNU-Kawkayeik issued a warning to all those involved in the mechanisms under the military regime in Kyaikdon, Walley, Sukali and Kawkayeik towns in Kokkraet Township of the KNU’s Dooplayar District to leave within a week.

After the warning was issued, some employees in the KNU-controlled administrative area were taking refuge in the KNU area, said a source.

Among those who took refuge in the KNU-administered area were junta-appointed administrators and some staff members, and the exact number was unknown.

According to sources close to the military council, some staff have left Kawkayeik in recent days, and only a few remain in the departmental offices.

Because of the current military situation, most Kawkayeik residents have relocated to other areas, and the town is quiet and deserted.

According to local media, the military council has strengthened its defenses in response to reports that revolutionary groups will attack Kawkayeik.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo – CJ


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