Belin, 26 November

Military council withdrew troops from the Win Ka police outpost in Win Ka village, Bilin Township, Mon State, after reports spread that revolutionary forces would seize the town and take over the military bases and camps, locals told Than Lwin Times.

On November 24, the military council moved the policemen and family members from the Win Ka police station to the Taugnzun police station.

The Win Ka Police Station, which has only ten policemen, was frequently attacked by revolutionary forces after the coup.

According to local residents, the military council moved the prison staff and prisoners from Bilin Township’s Taungzun prison to Motepalin prison on the same day, and some soldiers and police were stationed there.

The military council that gave up the Win Ka police station has built bunkers near the Bilin police office and police station, as well as strengthened its military presence both inside and outside the town.

The military council has also increased security near the old Bilin Toll gate and the entrance checkpoint, as well as conducted searches and inspection.

A few days ago, the military council ordered the families of department employees and police families in Bilin to move from the staff housing to the outer quarters.

The military council recently ordered the families of departments and police officers in Bilin to relocate from staff housing to a civilian neighborhood.

The military council reportedly lost control of some police stations in Mon State’s Ye, Thanbyuzayet, Kyaikto, and Bilin townships.

News-Than Lwin Times


(Mon State’s policemen standing in line)

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