Mawlamyine, 26 November

The National Unity Government (NUG) has not met with the representatives of the military council, and now is not the time to discuss with them, said Nay Phone Latt, the spokesperson of the NUG’s Prime Minister Office.

Indonesia, ASEAN’s rotating chairman, said that a meeting was held in Jakarta from November 20 to 22 to hold all-inclusive talks to resolve the Myanmar issue, reduce violence, and implement the Five-Point Consensus.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia stated on November 24 that the meeting was attended by the representatives of NUG and military council, pro-democracy activists, and ethnic armed organizations.

According to Indonesia, this meeting was constructive and could lead to an all-inclusive discussion to resolve the Myanmar crisis.

When Than Lwin Times asked for NUG’s comment on the Indonesian Foreign Ministry’s statement, U Nay Phone Latt Lat said, “NUG has not met or negotiated with the representatives of the military council. Now is not the time to meet with them. As usual, we met with officials from the Indonesian Special Envoy office in Jakarta and exchanged opinions. An ASEAN representative of NUG Foreign Affairs attended the meeting and only discussed the positions agreed with the allies.”

The statement also said that stakeholders indicated positive indications on the possibility of convening dialogue in an inclusive and genuine manner soon.

Furthermore, Indonesia is attempting to end the bloody conflict in Myanmar before its ASEAN chairmanship comes to an end, but this has had little impact, and fighting has flared up across the country, he said.

Currently, the military council has lost eight towns and hundreds of military bases and outposts due to the offensive attacks of revolutionary forces across the country.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance also announced on November 24 that they will launch a Nationwide Operation starting from November 27.

According to the Assistance Association for the Political Prisoners (AAPP), over anti-regime 4,200 pro-democracy activists and civilians were killed, and nearly 20,000 remain in custody.

According to the latest figures from the United Nations, nearly two million people have fled their homes due to the armed conflict sparked by the coup in Myanmar, and humanitarian aid is urgently needed as the fighting intensifies.

News – Than Lwin Times

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