Three Brotherhood Alliance declares its readiness for next operation


Kokang, 26 November

The Three Brotherhood Alliance announced on November 24 that they were ready for the next step of Operation 1027, which led to the nationwide operation.

It will mark a month on November 27 since the 1027 operation, which caused heavy losses to the junta army, was launched simultaneously by the Three Brotherhood Alliance with a declaration of war in late October.

The alliance has escalated the offensive by attacking critical areas, those that impede operations, and hills where heavy weapons were stationed.

Lee Kyarwen, the spokesperson of the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) spokesperson Lee Kyaw Win told Than Lwin Times to monitor the latest developments regarding the next phase of Operation 1027.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance said they have carried out historic operations one after the other, each day filled with many sacrifices and realizing each group’s common goals in harmony step by step since launching Operation 1027.

On November 24, the Chinese embassy in Myanmar issued a warning to Chinese nationals in Laukkai, Kokang Autonomous Region in Northern Shan State, where fighting is raging, to evacuate.

The MNDAA also urged the Chinese citizens in Laukkai to return to their country as soon as possible and the local residents of Laukkai to stay away from the military council’s administrative departments and bases on November 18.

Lee Kyarwen told Than Lwin Times that the MNDAA has besieged Laukkai town which is the only town in Tonshan region to be captured.

The MNDAA, a member of the Three Brotherhood Alliance, has occupied more than 170 military bases and outposts in the Kokang region in almost a month since Operation 1027.

The Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Arakan Army (AA) have also occupied more than 90 junta outposts and camps in northern Shan and Rakhine States.

The Three Brotherhood Alliance urged everyone and individuals to participate in this massive operation, from the balanced operation to the all-inclusive Nationwide Operation, so that the military dictatorship could only be rooted out.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – The Kokang


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