Police forces captured in Sagaing’s village


Wetlet, 27 November

Police forces, including an officer, were arrested in a raid on a police station in Shwepankong village, Wetlet town, Sagaing region,  according to the No.1 Military Command of the NUG.

The police station was captureed on 21 November, and three police members were reportedly killed.  

During the battle, 31 small arms, more than 6400 bullets, 32 grenades, 6 mines, and 900,000 kyats   were confiscated along with the military equipment, according to the statement. 

The military council carried out attacks by a jet fighter and a   Mi-35, killing one PDF fighter.

One PDF’s fighter was killed during the battle by the military council, in addition to the bombing attack by the jet fighters, as well as the Mi-35 helicopter gunship attack.

About 20 junta troops were stationed at the Shwepankong police station   in Wetlet township, according to the revolutionary forces.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – No. (1) Military Command


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