Lashio – 27 November

 The Ta’ang National Liberation Army ( TNLA) has captured the military council’s Minekyaet camp  in Lashio township, Shan State.

The outpost was controlled in the early morning of 24 November .  

TNLA seized 78 various weapons, many ammunition and various military equipment, including the howitzer from the Minekyaet camp, and more than 50 places where the bodies of junta soldiers were buried .

The military council carried out at least 95 airstrikes, 12 times with Y8/Y12, 15 times with Mi 35, and 15 times with Mi 17  in the battle.

Since the last week of October,   the revolutionary forces have controlled hundreds of military council camps  and 8 townships .

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – TNLA

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