Nay Pyi Taw, 29 November

The revolutionary forces urged all remaining soldiers, policemen, and militiamen to join the people’s embrace and surrender before it was too late.

Among these revolutionary forces are the National Unity Government (NUG) and ethnic organizations such as the Chin National Front (CNF), the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF), the Kachin Group (KBEZ), the Pa’o National Federal Council (PNFC), and the Karenni People’s Liberation Front (KNPLF).

According to the statement, the military gave the excuse that it was protecting the union from disintegration, but in reality, only a handful of top military leaders and their families were privileged in politics and business.

It added that the military dictatorship that exploited the people and the military is about to end, so the time has come for all the remaining members of the military council to take refuge in the people’s embrace and stand together with the revolutionary forces.

Khun Myint Tun, chairman of the Pao National Federal Council (PNFC), told Than Lwin Times that the revolution to change the system is not to kill each other but to appeal to the regime troops to surrender in time.

In addition, he urged Pao militiamen to stop cooperating with the military council and seek refuge in the people’s embrace as they are engaged in armed conflict under the military council.

The revolutionary forces said that today is the time when everyone is making an effort to establish a new union by changing the system to build a society of equality, unity, peace, and mutual respect.

According to the joint statement, now is also a good time to establish and implement an amnesty policy so that the military, police, and militiamen who defected from the military and sought refuge in the people’s embarce can continue to stand with dignity in the new Union’s society.

The statement also said that the revolutionary forces would help junta soldiers who want to return to their families without arresting and torturing them if they would surrender and be loyal to the people.

If family members come with the soldiers, the revolutionary forces say that they will be responsible for their safety and security and will do everything possible to help them settle into society.

Therefore, the revolutionary groups have urged members of the military council, individually or in groups, to contact the nearby revolutionary forces, the People’s embrace groups, and to defect from the army before it is too late.

According to data from the National Unity Government (NUG), more than 14,000 soldiers and policemen have sought refuge in people’s embrace during the first week of October since the coup.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – MOI

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