Kyaikmaraw, 30 November

The number of people fleeing the conflict has risen to over 20,000 in Mon State’s Kyaikmaraw Township in two weeks, and they require food and medical assistance, said the IDPS.

The fighting has continued until 29 Nover since the revolutionary forces launched an attack on police station and Chaunghnakhwa bridge checkpoint, which connects the militarily important Mon and Karen States.

The military regime aerial assaults and shelling forced more than 20,000 local residents of 20 villages including Chaunhnakhwa, Maekayo, Kyaukgo, Pawlaw, Hlakazaing, Taungkalay and Kawtsat.

The displaced have moved to safe places and relatives’ houses in Mudon and Kyaikmaraw and most of them are living in monasteries and religious facilities in the neighborhoods.

As time passes and the fighting continues, it becomes more difficult for displaced people to obtain food and basic medicine, according to a displaced resident of Chaunghnakhwa village who spoke to Than Lwin Times.

The Kyaikmaraw battle has spread from the village of Chaunghnakhwa to Maekayo, and the military council is asking the residents of the village where they have been stationed, including Taungkalay, to leave, said locals.

The junta army currently has nearly 700 troops deployed in Taungkalay, Kadar and Phanon villages and equipped with heavy weapons in those areas for battle.

At least 10 civilians have been killed in the fighting in two weeks of fighting, and nearly 100 local homes have been damaged by the explosion, according to sources on the ground.

At least 40 people, including a battalion commander of the military council, were killed in Kyaikmaraw, and 32 people surrendered, according to the revolutionary joint forces.

News-Than Lwin Times


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