Fuel prices skyrocket in domestic market


Mawlamyine, 2 December

Domestic fuel prices skyrocketed at the beginning of December, reaching more than 3000 kyats per liter, fuel suppliers told Than Lwin Times.

In November, the price of 95 gasoline, which was only around 2,350 kyats per liter, increased to almost 2,700 kyats, while the price of 92 gasoline rose from around 2,200 kyats to almost 2,600 kyats.

The sudden increase in the price of fuel is because the junta-controlled Central Bank stopped selling dollars at the rate of 2,100 kyat set by them, according to the fuel industry.

A fuel supplier based in Mon State told Than Lwin Times, “The price of fuel oil is rising because the military council raised the price along with the rise in global oil prices.”

In addition, he added, fuel shortages in the region have occurred due to the military council’s limited sale of fuel and travel delays.

Given that most of the gas stations are running out of fuel, so some stations are only selling petrol for 30,000 kyats for a car and 5,000 kyats for a motorcycle.

The military council has yet to comment on the sudden increase in fuel prices, but local residents are growing concerned that there will be a complete shortage of fuel in most regions and states.

According to the fuel prices published on December 1 by the military council’s fuel import, storage, and distribution supervisory committee, the price of fuel in Shan State’s Kyaington, which is not convenient for transportation, is over 3,000 kyats per liter.

News-Than Lwin Times



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