Myanmar Economic Coorporation’s bus compound in Yangon under attack 


Yangon – 2 December

The compound of Myanmar Economic Corporation owned by the military council in Insein township, Yangon region was attacked with a 40 mm artillery shelling by the Urban Special Operation, on the night of 29 November.

 The black flag has been raised in the towns where Urban Special Operation are operating to increase the revolution. 

In addition, the USP will carry out attacks on business of the military council, which are exploiting people, and the associated persons, according to the statement. 

 The USP has not yet released a statement regarding the damage caused by this attack, and Than Lwin Times has not confirmed it independently.

A resident near MEC compound heard the gunshots, and the junta troops tightened the security in the surrounding area, the source told Than Lwin Times.

News – Than Lwin Times

 Photo – Social Media 


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