Fighting escalates in Kawkareik township


Kawkareik, 4 December

The battle between the revolutionary joint forces and the military council continued to intensify since 2 December, in Kawkareik township, Karen State and local sources report that the Military Council is continuously carrying out airstrikes and bombings.

After the Karen National Union (KNU) issued a notice to all those involved in the military administration in Kawkareik township to leave the township, fighting between the two sides intensified since the morning of 1 December.

The battle took place almost the whole day on 1 December, the military council bombarded the township many times both day and night, where civilians live. 

Civilians were killed and injured due to the junta’s bombardment, and their Kawtnwet camp was also occupied by the joint forces during the battle.

Major General Zaw Min Tun, the spokesperson of the military, said on 1 December night, that the KNU PDF joint forces ambushed and artillery shelling from the distance.

They continued to bombard residential areas in the Kawkareik township from the early morning of 2 December until the evening, resulting in civilian casualties, and the exact number is unknown, according to local sources.

According to officials of the Social Relief Organization, civilians are trapped in the city due to the fighting between the two sides and are facing many difficulties.

The junta troops are carrying out aerial  attacks  to reinforce its defense and to keep its stronghold of the 97th battalion  l in Kawkareik township.

 Due to the fighting going on in Kawkareik township, the Myawaddy – Kawkareik Asia Road, which is an important border trade route, has been closed since 1 December. Passenger vehicles and many tourists were reportedly trapped.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – CJ


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