On November 25, the anti-regimeforce led by Ko Nan Lin protested against the military dictatorship at the(40) Marketin North Dagon Township, Yangon Region, where security is tight. In response to the protest in which the public participated, the regime’s troops destroyed the market in North Dagon.

This interview with   Ko Nan is about the regime’s violence against the public strike, the actions of the regime that instill fear and oppression into the public,   participation of people in ongoing protests and the messages he wants to convey to the regime.

Than Lwin Times –How do you see the military regime’s violence against the  anti-dictatorship strikes of the public?

Ko Nan Lin – It is like setting a barn on fire for not being able to catch the mice. The main purpose is to divide the revolutionary forces and the people. It is one of their various means to suppress the public by instilling fear. We sawthey used the most brutal acts. Another thing is that the weaker the terrorist dictators are, the more they oppress the public.

After all, they burnt the barn for not being able to catch the mice. They then divide the people and the revolutionary forces. As the regime weakened themselves, they became more violent against the public who could be easily targeted.

In Yangon, I have heard that people were being recruited as porters. In fact, it is more correct to say that it is kidnapping than recruiting as porters. Young people are arrested for no reason. The people were arrested for no reason. The regime then asked for money. Asking for money and then releasing them is kidnapping. The military regime will continue to pressurize the people.

Than Lwin Times – The military regime has been making efforts to cause dissensionbetween the people and the strike groups. What would you like to say to the public about this fear-inducing and dissension issue?

Ko Nan Lin – They enemy was instilling fear into the people because they have become weaker. What they are more afraid of is the unity of the people. I have heard and noted that all dictators are afraid of the public’s outcry.

Than Lwin Times – How is the public’s cooperation and participation in the anti-dictatorship strikes in Yangon?

Ko Nan Lin – Even now, they (the regime) are afraid of the unity of the public and the participation of the public. There were strikes in the past months such as the Flower Strike on the birthday of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the supports of the public to mark the beginning of the “Operation 1027.” In the strikes, the regime arrested flower sellers as well as people holding or wearing flowers so that the people don’t dare to participate in the resistancecampaigns. This kind of suppression and violence continues. A few days ago, I took to the street for a protest. The public actively participated. In taking violent action, the properties were destroyed by causing emotional distress.

Instilling fear into the public is because they themselves are being afraid of. They fear the unity of the public. They are afraid of the people’s actively participating in the revolution.That’s why they target the public like this and oppress them. This is not only in urban areas, but also in central Myanmar.

The military regime committed violence against civilians every day and the public anger and the revolutionary wave. I see that the revolutionary wave of the people will destroy the regime or those who are oppressing the public. So, what I see is that if they continue to oppress the public like this, they confront

Than Lwin Times– What kind of difficulties are the anti-dictatorship strike forces facing in protesting in the city recently?

Ko Nan Lin – Of course,  the people’s participation is the same. Since the beginning of the Spring Revolution, they started with the people.There were theactivity of pounding pots and pans, civil disobedience movement (CDM), rallying in the streets, blocking the regime troops entering the villages and wards and etc. In this kind of movement, the public actively participated, and millions gathered on the street. When it was difficult to gather on the street, they quietly protected at home. The regime is being afraid of. Even if the peoplewear flowers on their heads, the military regime is being afraid of.The public has come to have the opportunity to participate. I see that if the people have the information that they can participate in, they were still participating to fight against the regime in the midst of a real crisis.

In the case of the destruction the North Dagon 40 Market, in fact, it can be said that the people in the North Dagon Township are very dutiful in participating in the spring revolution. Since the beginning of the spring revolution, the road covers in the township have been turned over. They blocked the roads to make it difficult for the military regime troops to enter.

In the spring battles in streets in March, there were cases where people were killed by fighting in the streets of North Dagon. North Dagon has been strong throughout the spring revolution, and it has continued to do so in every mass movement, in every mass strike, in the ground strikes and in guerrilla warfare, and in the nationwide mass strikes.We have noticed that the people in North Dagonhave been actively participating. Therefore, the regime has been trying to oppress the people in North Dagon for three years after declaring martial law in the town.

 The participation of the public is the same. However, depending on the pressure of the enemy, there were high and low participation of the people.But, I see that the participation of the public will be more and more in the future.

There are only two difficulties for the forces in the city. The first one is high prices and common crisis arisen from inflation. Prices were higher. Livelihoods of the public become difficult. The activists who were working in the cities also faced similar difficulties. 

The second one is the military regime has tightened security. It’s more oppressive. These are also challenges for us. The challenges are the strategies of the regime to sow division between the public and our revolutionary forces. By destroying the north Dagon market, they instilled fear in the public that the public participate like this, they will be like that. What I have heard is that the people from north Dagon are strong-minded ones for the revolution. 

Our big difficulties also included the unlawful orders of the military council, oppression on the rights to freedom and living, rights to earning and the regime’s torturing the public every day. We will have to prepare and continue to overcome these challenges together with the public.

Than Lwin Times – With the “1027 Operation” of the three brotherhood alliances, the harmonious military operations of the resistance forces hurt the regime’s forces nationwide. In this situation, what are your messages for the military regime’s troops.

Ko Nan Lin — We are currently fighting a bad system or themilitary dictatorship. Our enemy are the regime’s troops, who are also our citizens.There are many Myanmar army troops who have been serving for or protecting only the interest and greed of Min Aung Hlaing. The founders of the Myanmar army including General Aung San have hoped and instructed that the Tatmadaw or the Myanmar army should be the servant of the country.

Now, in the time of Min Aung Hlaing, the whole Myanmar military, after being badly damaged, become the servant of Min Aung Hlaing. I’m unhappy with this situation. Therefore, I would like to invite the Myanmar military troops to defect and join the people as soon as possible if they really want to save the Myanmar military.

Than Lwin Times – Finally, what would you like to urge the people regarding the current Spring Revolution?

Ko Nan Lin – I believe that our people already clearly understood the current circumstances. After seeing these circumstances, they well know whom they will support. They also know that the military regime was spreading lies and propaganda in various ways. They are afraid of opposing them by the people of all races and from all faiths after being united.

Therefore, all dictators including the regime caused dissension among the public by creating national and religious conflicts. They are now using this way. It is the time that the public cleverly avoid the conflicts and strongly fight the enemy. On the other hand, the enemy will split us.

They will suppress us by fear. It is the time, we, without losing our focus, must fight the enemy who is getting weaker. Therefore, we took to the street for protest. Don’t wait for a fight. Call a battle. It is no longer a time that will wait for a battle. We have to create and call the battle. It is my clearest messageto public.

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