Shwe Kyin, 6 December

Three civilians were killed and nearly 30,000 people fled due to artillery shelling and air strikes by the military regime in Shwe Kyin Township of KNU Brigade 3 in November, reported the KNU.

The junta bases in Shwe Kyin Township in Nyaunglaybin District of KNU fired 86 rounds of 120-mm, 122-mm, 155-mm and 81-mm rounds into villages 25 times from November 1 to 30.

The explosions occurred in 19 villages including Htaw Lu kho, Waing Kyun, Ye Phyu Kan, Pyin Ye, Gwaykon, Kaukmaethu, Chon Inn, Chaung Wa, Kwin Dala Kyi, Waing Thit Seik, Pyin Ye Gyi, Thet Kae Kon, Inn Balar and Kwee Sae Law, said the statement.

The artillery shell killed 52-year-old man in Chaung Wa while 54-year-old woman died of heart attack due to sound of the explosion, and the shrapnel injured a seven-year-old child and three civilians from Gwaykon village.

Moreover, the shelling destroyed 10 houses, a mortarbike and an engine, and the helicopter gunship strafed the villages: Kalaw Thoe Htee, Htee Khay Law, Hto Khay Pu, War Taw Gyi and Kyuak Tan nine times, killing an elderly woman, 65, and destroyed three houses, according to the statement.

The KNU also said that the junta forces are arresting local people and extorting money from them in Shwe Kyin Township.

More than 29,800 local civilians from 31 villages were forced to flee due to human rights violations by the junta army in KNU’s Shwe Kyin township, said the KNU

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- KNU

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