Mone, 8 December

The regime forces conducted aerial assaults in Mone Township of KNU-controlled Nyaunglaybin District, forcing 70,000 locals to flee their homes, and they are urgently in need of humanitarian assistance, said the Karen National Union (KNU).

Since December 2, the revolutionary joint forces have attacked the military council’s Light Infantry Battalions 559 and 590, as well as the police station and bridge checkpoint in Mone Township, KNU Brigade 3 area, and have captured all camps.

During the Battle of Mone Township, the junta air force attacked residential areas where no fighting had occurred, and one church and four houses were damaged in Ye Le village.

Airstrikes by the military council targeting civilians forced more than 68,400 people from 95 nearby villages and neighborhoods to flee to safety.

The revolutionary groups also claimed that because the situation in Mone is still unstable, there is a delay in gathering information about property damage, casualties and injuries, and fleeing locals.

The Karen National Union (KNU) is currently assisting those IDPs to the greatest extent possible, but they are facing challenges in meeting the needs of more people.

In addition to this, the displaced people are in urgent need of food, shelter, blankets, and medicine, and those who wish to help them can contact the Karen Emergency Relief Committee of Moan Township, the Committee for Internally Displaced Karen People, and the KNU News and Information Centre.

According to the KNU, 19 soldiers, including majors, captains, and lieutenant colonels, surrendered their weapons during the battle in Mone, and 42 military family members were taken care of in accordance with the treatment of prisoners of war.

News-Than Lwin Times


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