Mawlamyine, 10 December

Fuel shortages at petrol stations across the country have exacerbated a general socioeconomic crisis.

Since the coup, Myanmar has been experiencing fuel shortages again since December, with people queuing up for hours to buy fuel.

At the moment, gas stations are selling fuel for 30,000 kyats for a car and 5,000 kyats for a motorcycle.

“Having to wait in line to buy fuel disrupts daily routines and makes it difficult for families to make ends meet,” a local resident told Than Lwin Times.

Due to the severe shortage of fuel, people are facing difficulties in business, education, health, socio-economic life, and transportation.

A factory owner said, “The business is running with the remaining oil, but if we don’t get more oil, we have to shut down the business.”

Due to the shortage of fuel, it is difficult to harvest rice and plow for winter crops, and some businesses have come to a halt.

The price of gasoline has also increased to more than 2,700 kyats per liter, while it ranges from 5,000 kyats to 7,000 kyats per liter in the black market.

A taxi driver said he is unable to offer his service because he must queue from one station to the next because he is not allowed to purchase as much fuel as he requires at gas stations.

However, Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun, spokesman for the Military Council, said on December 6 that there was enough fuel, and oil tankers were docked at Thilawa Port.

Economists have warned that if the military council fails to solve the issue of fuel shortages quickly, Myanmar’s entire economy may collapse.

News-Than Lwin Times


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