“The military troops are killing people and setting fire on houses. They are stealing the property of people in the village. They are carrying out violent attacks. But they are pointing fingers at others for all the crimes.”


Speaking at the meeting of military council on 4 December, junta chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing urged anti-military armed groups to choose a political way as the military has been defeated by the resistance forces in almost all the battles. He made this speech at the time when the junta was under the attack of ‘Operation 1027’, and has lost at least 18 towns, and hundreds of military outposts while its battalions have surrendered and its deserters are being reaccepted for military services.

 This interview with U Than Soe Naing, an observer on military and political affairs, is about his view on the junta chief’s recent speech, possible political scenario and the situation of the junta military council.

TLT: What do you think about the coup leader’s remark that the ‘stupid acts’ of armed groups have caused hardships for people.

U Than Soe Naing: He is pointing fingers at others for his mistakes. The military troops are killing people, setting fire on houses, and stealing public property from the villages. People are fleeing from the violent acts of the military. He is responsible for all violent attacks. So, it is no need to respond to his accusations. However, people need to accelerate the fights to end the anti-military dictatorship. 

 TLT: What do you think about the junta chief’s proposed way as the military council is facing some losses?

U Than Soe Naing: The military dictatorship used to make such offers whenever they suffered losses. Our people should not fall into their tricks. The root cause of all the hardships is violent attacks and illegal killing of Min Aung Hlaing and his soldiers. His recent offer for political dialogue is to seek the exit from the existing crisis. We should not allow them for their political exit.  The Spring Revolution must be supported to be able to bring all the members of the military dictatorship to trial.

TLT: What is your remark on the junta chief’s proposed dialogue under ‘Our Main National Course’ and the 2008 Constitution? Will the dialogue happen?

U Than Soe Naing: The revolutionary forces have expressed their stance. The Spring Revolution has declared that dialogue will be considered only if the 2008 Constitution is revoked and the military abandons politics.

TLT: What is the possible scenario of Myanmar politics and the direction of the military regime?

U Than Soe Naing: We don’t need to consider the proposed political dialogue or ceasefire by the military regime for their political exit. People have been closer to victory, and it is the right time to remove the entire military dictatorship. We should not give a political exit to Min Aung Hlaing. People are responsible for supporting the forces of the Spring Revolution even in a manageable effort.


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