Mawlamying, 12 December

A local woman was arrested for selling fuel illegally, near Lamutan market at Shwemyine Thiri ward in Mawlamyine township, Mon State, according to the junta’s propaganda news. 

The junta soldiers and the police joined together and arrested her at home, on the night of 10 December.

The arrested woman, Ma Aye Da Hlaing,  a 30-year-old resident of Sitkegone Ward, shared her phone number on her social media Facebook to sell fuel.

After she was arrested and examined, it was found that she stored gasoline without permission. The Sitkegone police station has filed a case under Article 37 of the Law on Petroleum and Petroleum Products (PA) 104.2023 due to distribution and sales above the market price.

Currently, Myanmar is facing fuel shortages and people are queuing at gas stations all night long.

The Military Council has announced that action will be taken against her for illegal storage, distribution and sale of fuel and she is the first person arrested in Mon State for illegal fuel sale.

 News/Photo – Than Lwin Times

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