Mawlamyine, 12 December

The junta-appointed Mon State Chief Minister said that they will help the oil suppliers in getting fuel, asking them to submit their needs so that there is no shortage of fuel in Mon State.

Chief Minister U Aung Kyi Thein spoke at a coordination meeting held on December 10 to ensure there is no fuel shortage in many sectors, including agriculture, livestock, transportation, communication, industry, construction, and fisheries.

However, not only Mon State but the whole country is currently facing the worst shortage of fuel, and the state council did not elaborate on what kind of help it would provide to get fuel.

A SME businessman in Mon State told Than Lwin Times, “Currently, it is difficult to run the business because we cannot buy fuel for the generator.”

Myanmar, which frequently saw fuel shortages during the coup, has been experiencing its worst situation since late December of this year, with people having to queue for hours to purchase fuel.

Gasoline stations sell fuel for 30,000 kyats per car and 5,000 kyats per motorcycle, and they are unable to purchase fuel at all. Farmers are also affected by the exorbitant price of fuel.

A farm owner who grows thousands of acres of summer rice is having a hard time because there is a shortage of fuel to pump water for cultivation,” he told the Than Lwin Times.

Also, fuel stations in towns that have fuel licenses sell farmers certified copies of Form 7, but there are too many people waiting in line.

With the shortage of fuel, the price of fuel has risen to more than 2,700 kyats per liter, while it priced at 5,000 to 7,000 kyats per liter in the black market.

The Mon State Chief Minister requested gas stations sell oil based on the fluctuation of oil prices and said at the meeting that effective measures will be taken if they do not sell at the set price.

Farmers and industrialists requested the state council sell oil at normal prices as a special program with evidence from the workplace so that businesses can operate normally.

At the moment, fuel is sold on a quota system at licensed petrol stations across the country, including Mon State, and people are queuing to get oil for their cars, motorcycles.

News-Than Lwin Times


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