More than 500 civilians killed in junta shelling, airstrikes in KNU territory in one month


Mawlamyine, 12 December

The military regime’s artillery strikes and air assaults killed more than 500 civilians in KNU territory in southeastern Myanmar in one month, according to the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG).

Regarding International Human Rights Day, which fell on December 10, the KHRG said in a statement that the military council has been escalating shelling and airstrikes, resulting in the deaths or injuries of civilians.

According to KHRG, the junta army conducted at least 95 airstrikes and 249 artillery fires in the southeast of Myanmar in 2023, killing or injuring 134 civilians in the former and at least 384 civilians in the latter.

The KHRG’s organizing official, Saw Nanda Suu, told Than Times that “the military council’s shelling and air strikes have reached their worst level in 2023.”

The KHRG also said that the junta army’s human rights violations and armed conflicts have led to the mass fleeing and displacement of civilians, as well as humanitarian crises in the country.

In addition, the KHRG said that the junta is still blocking life-saving humanitarian aid and rescue efforts, as well as confiscating humanitarian aid in the regions of southeastern Myanmar.

The KHRG urges the international community to pay attention to the voices of the Myanmar people and take firm and decisive measures to stop the top military officials from committing human rights violations.

An independent research group, ISP, reported on November 25 that more than four million local people have fled their homes throughout the country during the coup in Myanmar.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo- KHRG


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