Kawkayeik, 20 December

The number of internally displaced people is increasing day by day as a result of intense fighting in KNU Brigade 6 of Dooplaya District, and they are in need of more humanitarian aid such as food and medicine, said the Karen National Union (KNU).

People in the towns and villages are fleeing to safe place due to the ongoing fighting between the KNLA joint forces and the junta army in the KNU Brigade 6 area and the violation of human rights by regime troops, said the statement.

According to the data collected in November, the fighting and the violation of human rights by the junta army against the civilian population have resulted in around 90,000 people fleeing their homes in the Dooplaya District.

Among them, there are more than 30,000 in KNU’s Kawkayeik Township, more than 20,000 in Kyondoe Township, around 20,000 in Win Ye Township, and about 20,000 in Noetakaw Township. In December, as the fighting intensified everywhere, the number of people fleeing the conflict in Dooplaya District increased.

Officials from Dooplaya District have registered the number of IDPs and accommodated them in small temporary IDP camps in safe areas, where they live with local villagers.

According to the emergency situation, the officials of KNU-Dooplaya District are assisting the displaced people with accommodation, food, and medical treatment. The KNU also accepted donations from domestic and foreign donors and assigned the KNU’s Health and Relief Department to meet the needs of the IDPs.

According to the statement, as the number of IDPs in Dooplaya District grows, the KNU and local and foreign donors’ assistance is no longer sufficient, and more food, shelter, and health care are required.

News-Than Lwin Times


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