Record-high electricity bills causing hardship to locals in Ye


Ye, 19 December

People in Mon State’s Ye Township are facing additional challenges as a result of the announcement that the electricity charges will be increased to 2,000 kyats per unit beginning January 1.

Private electricity distribution companies are supplying power to areas that have not yet been provided electricity by the government and during the coup, the price of electricity steadily increased, eventually reaching 1,800 kyats per unit.

However, due to the difficulty of purchasing oil amid the high price of fuel, the companies announced in the second week of December that they will increase the charges to 2,000 kyats per unit of electricity.

A local resident told Than Lwin Times, “At a time when it is difficult to support the family due to the instability of the area, the further increase in electricity rates will make us reduce electricity consumption.”

A small business owner said, “Due to the high price of electricity, some businesses have stopped the operation because they are no longer able to cover their business costs.”

Electricity is distributed in Ye Township by three private electricity distribution companies, including Myat Thura Tun, on a rotating basis due to the high cost of fuel.

However, the SMD company announced on December 16 that it will distribute electricity for 24 hours.

People in Ye Township, which has declared martial law, had to pay 600 kyats per unit of electricity before the military coup, and the price of electricity has nearly tripled since then.

News-Than Lwin Times


(Local residents rush to buy generators due to electricity shortages in Ye Township)


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