Kyaukkyi, 19 December

The regime troops recently launched heavy weapons into Kyaukkyi Township in KNU territory, killing three residents, injuring four others including a child, reported the KNU.

The military regime’s 264th Light Infantry Battalion based in Kyaukkyi fired at least 70 mortar shells into the villages from December 13 to 16.

The explosions killed Naw Than Aye from Kyeik Kwin village and Tee Phoe Sit and Dae Wa in Ah Le village, and injured three civilians including eight-year-old child on December 13.

Meanwhile, Tee Bo Phoe Ku from Taung Khin village received injures and three houses were damaged on December 14.

On December 15 and 16, the junta army pounded the villages of Kaw Thar Sae, Swe Tain, Pa De Kaw, Taung Khin, Chon Inn, Phoe Ta and Thamin Inn Kon villages with more than 20 mortar shells, but no casualties were reported.

The KNU said in a statement that junta shelling resulted in the injuries or deaths of civilians and the increase in the number of people fleeing their homes in Kyaukkyi Township of Nyaunglaybin District since the coup.

According to KNU, over 200,000 people have fled their homes in Nyaunglaybin District alone as a result of the junta’s artillery fire and airstrikes.

News-Than Lwin Times


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