Suspension of trade at Thai-Myanmar border likely to impact all sectors


Mawlamyine, 20 December

As the border trade between Thailand and Myanmar has completely stopped due to the ongoing fighting on the trade road, people may face food shortages and be affected in many ways, said economic experts.

Since December 1, intense fighting has erupted between the junta army and the revolutionary joint forces on Asian Road in Karen State’s Kawkayeik Township, which is the main trade route between Thailand and Myanmar.

That battle halted Thai-Myanmar border trade, and on December 17, the detonation on the Asian Highway on the Kawt New Bridge hindered the movement of people.

Due to the closure of the Asian Highway, local goods can no longer be exported, and similarly, only a limited amount of Thai goods can be imported via the Htoe Ko Koe route.

According to a businessman, “As basic agricultural raw materials and local products cannot be exported, the price of basic food products will rise, and we may encounter the overall problem.

“Furthermore, since border trade has stopped, there will be no official trade between the two countries, and the military council will no longer receive income from the export and import sectors, and the demand for foreign currency may be huge,” he said.

Due to the closure of border trade, some entrepreneurs are considering shipping goods by water ways, but this is time-consuming, expensive, and limited in quantity.

Official trade between the two countries has ceased, and the Thai baht exchange rate has risen from 95 kyats to 100 kyats per baht, while the price of Thai goods has surged by 3,000 kyat to 5,000 kyat, depending on the type.

Myanmar imports basic food, medicines, cosmetics, consumer goods, construction raw materials, and general consumer goods from Thailand and exports local agricultural products, aquatic products, and rubber.

The data from the Department of Trade show that the import and export sectors earned nearly $1,000 million between April and October of the current fiscal year before the clashes.

 News – Than Lwin Times

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