Ye, 16 December

Two Mon revolutionary organizations issued a joint statement that they will root out the military regime and continue to fight for the people for the right of the entire Mon people to create its own destiny amid the seizure of towns and military camps across the country.

The Mon State Revolutionary Force (MSRF), which was formed as an armed resistance force representing the Mon people during the military coup, informed the public on December 15 that it will take the lead in the political and military affairs of the Mon State Federal Council and stand as the Mon State Army.

Nai Nagar, the spokesperson for the MSRF, said that “the goal of the Mon State Federal Council and our army are the same, and we have decided to act under the political and military leadership of the MSFC as an army representing the people of the entire Mon State.”

The Mon State Revolutionary Force (MSRF) was formed during the military coup to fight against the military dictator and any tyrants and to build a federal union in alliance with other revolutionary forces.

The Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) spokesperson, Nai Mon Sai said, “The Mon State Revolutionary Force will be shaped as a state army of the federal unit. The MSFC is trying to actively participate in the revolution for the entire Mon nation and the entire Mon state. We are going to cooperate with the MSRF as an ally and join military column.”

He continued, “At the moment, we will not be able to provide much support for the operation, but we will supply the necessary food and take care of the families of comrades and the physical well-being of the troops as soon as possible.”

In addition, he informed that other armed resistance organizations can connect with the MSFC and support the necessary food for the stand that is not related to military equipment.

The MSFC is trying to create a state unit that includes all the ethnic people representing the Mon State for the future federal union and has urged the people to participate.

The Mon State Interim Cooperation Committee, which was formed after the military coup, was transformed into the Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) at the beginning of this year, with three ministers from the National Unity Government (NUG) and three representatives from the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC).

A few days ago, Nai Kaung Ywat, a member of the MSFC and Deputy Minister of Defense of the NUG, visited for the first time the revolutionary alliance forces, including the Mon State Revolutionary Force (MSRF), in southern Ye Township and discussed operational issues.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – AFP

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