Haka, 20 December

The CDF-HAKHA announced on 20 December that the Chin Revolutionary Joint Force has captured the Bomzon stronghold of the military council in Haka township, Chin State.

The Chin Revolutionary Joint Force captured the Bomzon junta camp with 40 soldiers on the morning of 18 December.

In the battle, eight junta soldiers were killed, six including one captain were captured alive, and more than 30 weapons were seized, according to the statement.

The joint mission was carried out by the Chin National Defense Army (CDF-HAKHA), CDF: THANTLANG, CDF-KKG  and Chin Revolutionary Alliance .   

 The Chin forces currently control and occupy seven cities, including Rid Khodar, Lailin Pi and Rezua cities, and two cities are already under public administration.

In addition, the military council is unable to attack the cities controlled by the Chin resistance forces, and that they are no longer willing to go outside the military bases, Salai Htet Nit, the spokesperson of the Chin National Army told Than Lwin Times.

The military council surrendered more than 400 military bases and seven cities in Rakhine, Chin and Shan States along with the escalation of Operations 1027.

News – Than Lwin Times

 Photo – CDF-HAKHA

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