Nay Pyi Taw, 17 December

The military council, which is in dire need of funds, has put pressure on the relevant departments to auction the seized illegal goods quickly.

The second military leader, Vice Senior General Soe Win, said this at the Illegal Trade Eradication Steering Committee Meeting held on December 14.

According to the deputy junta chief, the state needs to sell the seized goods in order to get the funds it deserves, and if the goods are damaged before the auction, the efforts of law enforcement will be in vain, and the state’s funds will be lost.

Therefore, he added that the officials need to quickly sell perishable goods and hand over licensed or unlicensed vehicles, motorcycles, and equipment as soon as possible in accordance with the procedures.

A businessman told Than Lwin Times, “The growth of illegal trade is due to the staff of the military council, and the fact that the seized items are being auctioned off as soon as possible shows the high demand for dollars and the shortage of funds for the military council.”

In addition, he added, the strict rules of the military council, unnecessary delays, and directives in trade are also part of the growth of illegal trade.

The deputy Sr-Gen. admitted that this happened because the assigned personnel demanded money from the vehicles and allowed them to pass, turned a blind eye to illegal goods, took bribes, and did not take action.

He also urged the officials at all levels to take effective action on the matter because the officials seized only some low-value goods for show and the employees were involved in illegal trading in various ways.

U Than Soe Naing, a political analyst, criticized that “the military council is doing everything in the midst of the dollar crisis, and this plan will not work.”

On the other hand, Sr-Gen. Soe Win said that the country’s revenue is being lost due to the current illegal trade, and incorrect trade statistics can lead to wrong decisions.

More than 57,000 cases of illegal trade were seized, with an estimated value of more than 127 billion kyats, from January to November of this year, according to the figures of the Trade Department of the military council.

News-Than Lwin Times


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