Five residents arrested in Dawei


Dawei, 22 December

The military regime detained at least five locals after the attack on the security forces at Heinda Mine in Ashae Taw region of Dawei, Tanintharyi Region, according to resistance forces.

The Dawei joint forces attacked the security forces at Heinda mine with sniper, killing two soldiers around noon on December 20.

Following the incident, a 60-strong military column ransacked Heinda village’s farms and orchards and arrested five men for questioning.

As of the evening of December 21, the military council had not released the farm workers, and their whereabouts were still unknown, raising concerns among the families.

The locals objected to renewing the license for the business under the previous government due to the environmental pollution caused by the waste of the Heinda mine, but under the military council, the soldiers provided security and the excavations were carried out.

On August 2, a battle broke out between the junta army and the local defense forces near Heinda village, killing two soldiers.

 News – Than Lwin Times

 Photo- Social Media


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