Yangon, 22 December

The ‌National Unity Government announced on 21 December that the junta’s foreign exchange earnings have significantly declined due to civil disobedience by Myanmar migrant workers abroad.

 The junta with many failures in military affairs is trying to get  foreign revenues urgently to be used in killing people. 

The military council, which is on the verge of failure, is attempting to exploit the savings of migrant workers from its labour ministry, the junta’s central bank, and the private banks, which are the backbone of the military council, in order to obtain foreign currency.

 The regime also pressured foreign employment agencies to remit 25 percent of the migrant’s basic salary to their families through designated money transfer services, according to the directive issued last week of August. 

However, as Myanmar’s migrant laborers have strongly resisted any orders and powers of the military council, only 1/10 of the migrant workers’ remittances to Myanmar have reached the military council, according to the statement.

 The NUG expressed its appreciation to Myanmar migrant workers in various countries for their timely action to prevent the remittances for reaching the junta’s funds, and for their immediate participation in the financial attack.

News – Than Lwin Times

 Photo – Social Media

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