Policeman from Thayetchaung township surrender to resistance force


Thayetchaung, 21 December

A local resistance group, the Pati Talone Guerrilla Force, announced on 19 December that  a policeman from the Win Wa Police Station in Thayetchaung township, Tanintharyi region, defected with a weapon to the local resistance force. 

 The local defense forces  welcomed Sai Lian, a Shan ethnic policeman, who brought a gun on 12 December.

“He contacted us saying that he wanted to defect to us, so we accepted and welcomed him,” an official of the Pati Talone Guerrilla Force told the Than Lwin Times.

Sai Lian was given a reward of 3,500,000 Kyats for taking a gun, 4 boxes of ammunition, and 2,00 cartridges.

He also  has been kept in a safe place and food and other care has been arranged as needed.

The resistance forces urged the junta’s members to defect in the people’s forces as soon as possible without confusion, and it is the best time to join with the people.

  At least 240 CDM soldiers and policemen in Taninthayi region have joined the civil disobedience movement during the coup d’etat, according to the statement of Tanintharyi region’s PDF.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – PDF


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