Mone, 22 December

The regime troops looted the goods in the market in Bago Region’s Mone Township before setting fire to it, the KNU reported on 21 December.

According to the KNU statement, the soldiers broke into shops in the market five days before the fire and sold goods at low prices to residents.

Soldiers sold an egg for 100 kyats, a shirt or a pair of pants for 10,000 kyats, according to sources.

In addition, the junta troops not only destroyed the refrigerators and other items but also threw them from the bridge into the Mone River and expelled the displaced people who had returned home, according to the statement.

The military council announced yesterday that a gas cylinder explosion in a shop spread fire to the market.

The market fire destroyed 210 of the 238 shops, and the military council said that soldiers were not responsible for the fire.

As a result of the fighting in Mone Township, which began on December 2, nearly 70,000 locals fled, and they have not been able to return home until now.

According to the KNU, 19 soldiers, including the major, surrendered during the battle, and 42 military family members were taken care of in accordance with the treatment of the prisoner of war.

News-Than Lwin Times


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