Myaing, 22 December

The junta troops burned down Hnansikan village in Magway Region’s Myaing Townshp, destroying at least 40 houses and forcing thousands of residents to flee, said locals.

After entering Myaing Township and suffering losses in a fight with allied People’s Defense Forces, including Myaing-PDF, the junta army set fire to the village around 8 a.m. on December 20.

The junta soldiers torched Hnansikan village, destroying more than 40 houses, and a recent arson attack damaged 52 houses in Tharsi village, resulting in more than 90 houses being burned to ashes.

Around 120 infantrymen and ration trucks have advanced towards Myaing in order to supply foodstuffs to the military camps for a week.

According to a resident, the military council burned Tharsi village before reaching Hnansikan village in response to being attacked by revolutionary forces.

More than 20 regime troops, including the deputy battalion commander, were killed in the attack, said the resistance forces.

On Telegram, military lobbyists posted stories in support of the arson attack on Hnansikan village.

Myaing PDF reported that the junta army that invaded Myaing Township looted property, arrested people as human shields, and burned down the homes.

According to a September 29 report by independent research group ISP-Myanmar, more than 86,000 homes and buildings were destroyed by arson attacks of regime troops and militia groups during the coup.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo – Telegram

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