Dawei, 21 December

The resistance forces’ surprise attack on Phayarme checkpoint near Maug Me Shuang village in Tanintharyi Region’s Dawei Township killed two soldiers, said the Dawei Guerilla Revolutionary Force (DGRF).

The revolutionary joint forces launched an attack on the checkpoint with small and heavy weapons around 1 pm on 18 December.

The attack triggered an exchange of fire for 15 minutes in which two soldiers were killed and some sustained injuries, the information official of the DGRF told Than Lwin Times.

Two resistance comrades were injured by shrapnel, but they are not in a critical condition due to timely treatment by the medical team.

The DGRF has run out of ammunition due to guerrilla attacks and skirmishes with the junta army in the last two months and has asked the public to support them as they are in need of ammunition.

The revolutionary forces of Dawei District have urged the soldiers, police, and militia groups in four townships, including Dawei Township, to take refuge in People’s embrace and surrender.

Ten soldiers were killed in an attack on the Pauk Taing checkpoint in Dawei Township on November 26.

 News – Than Lwin Times

Photo-  DGRF

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