Kyaikmaraw, 23 December

Local residents fleeing from the ongoing fighting in Mon State’s Kyaikmaraw Township are in urgent need of blankets and warm clothes when the weather turns cold, the displaced people told Than Lwin Times.

The fierce fighting broke out when the karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and allied forces attacked Chaunghnakhwa police station and bridge camp in Kyaikmaraw on November 10.

The junta army carried out artillery shelling and aerial bombing in the battle, forcing 20,000 residents from nearly 20 villages to flee their homes, and I have not returned home until a month has passed.

According to an aid worker, the need for food and medicine has grown over time, and blankets and warm clothing are urgently needed because of the cold weather.

Some elderly and children are suffering from illness, and some died because they were not taken to the hospital in time due to travel restrictions imposed by the two rival forces.

According to data gathered by Than Lwin Times, nearly ten civilians were killed as a result of artillery fire and air strikes by the military regime, and at least three people died as a result of a lack of access to medical treatment.

The displaced people are currently taking refuge in nearby forests and monasteries, but as the days pass, they face difficulties in providing for their families.

A resident told Than Lwin Times that he wants to return home, but is worried that fighting will break out again at any time.

The IDPs, on the other hand, are concerned that their homes will be burned and their belongings stolen and destroyed.

Tens of thousands of people are fleeing their homes due to the fighting, but the junta-appointed Mon State authorities have not provided any humanitarian aid, nor have they visited the camps, according to the displaced people.

Currently, there is an exchange of fire between the junta army and the revolutionary forces in Chaunghnakhwa, and the military council is firing mortar shells almost every day from Mudon strategic hill.

Nearly 40 soldiers, including the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Myo Ko Ko Win, were killed and 32 others surrendered during a month-long Kyaikmaraw battle, according to revolutionary joint forces.

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