Kawkayeik, 29 December

Fighting has raged for nearly a month between the revolutionary forces and the junta army in Kawkayeik, Karen State, and villagers’ homes have been set ablaze, according to sources.

The battle between the two factions, which began on December 1, has continued until December 28, and other clashes flared up in Taungkyarinn village, southwest of Kawkayeik.

According to a December 27 statement from Kawkayeik-based revolutionary forces, the White Tiger Column has besieged and opened fire in front of the 97th Infantry Battalion.

The KLOUD, a revolutionary force, released a video on December 27 showing a drone attack on regime troops in Kawkayeik.

Furthermore, the homes of Kawkayeik’s displaced people were burned down, and more than 40 dwellings have been destroyed so far, according to locals.

Similarly, the junta army has reportedly engaged in a fight with the resistance forces in Taungkyarinn village in southern Kawkayeik using artillery shells.

During the ongoing fighting in KNU’s Kawkayeik Township, the military council’s airstrikes and artillery fire have killed or injured many local people.

More than 30,000 people have fled the ongoing conflict in Kawkayeik and they are in dire need of emergency food, according to KNU-Dooplaya District.

News-Than Lwin Times


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