Mon resistance groups urge local youth to join revolution


Htanpinchaunggyi, 29 December

Mon Youth Forum, including the Mon revolutionary organizations, issued announcements on the 12th Mon Youth Day, which falls on December 28, calling for future leaders of the Mon youth to serve the national duty.

On December 28, 1946, educated Mon youth held the Mon Youth Conference, and since the Mon Youth Forum in 2012, Mon Youth Day has been celebrated for 12 years.

The 12th Mon Youth Day ceremony was led by the Mon Youth Forum, which is active and leading the sectors related to Mon youth issues, in Htanpinchaunggyi village, Paung Township, Mon State.

Mon Youth Day is a memorable day for Mon youth, and the Mon Youth Forum encourages all young Mon people to refrain from using drugs and to receive military training when they turn 18.

Nai Hantha, Chairman of the New Mon State Party (NMSP), a veteran revolutionary organization, said in a message on Mon Youth Day that it is up to the youth to create rights for the Mon people so that they do not disappear in the future.

He noted that the majority of young Mon people move abroad to do business, and the young people that stay in the hamlet have fun with drugs and kratom leaves, thus there are few politicians.

Nai Hanthar also urges that young people have a responsibility to ensure that their race does not disappear and that everyone shoulder their own ethnic responsibility.

The NMSP is an ethnic armed organization that has been pursuing revolution for decades, and it did not participate in the armed resistance after the coup because it grasped the principle of solving political problems only through political means.

According to Nai Mon Sai, the spokesperson for the Mon State Federal Council (MSFC), the right to self-determination and the right to re-establish the Mon State cannot be claimed, hence all Mon youth must participate in the practical revolution.

Under the current revolutionary situation, the MSFC has urged all Mon youth to unite and fight the junta army, which is the common enemy of the Mon people, in their respective roles.

The MSFC was formed after the military coup and is a revolutionary organization that is trying to establish a federal unit in Mon territory in the future federal democratic union.

Nai Pyinnyar Man, the official of the New Ramanya Federal Force (NRFF), also said “In order to show that we are a liberated people, the Mon youth need to be politically alert and have the courage for revolution. The current Spring Revolution started with the leadership of the youth. I see that young people should be in the political leadership role of the future Mon State.”

The NRFF stated that now is an ideal time to fight for self-determination because the junta army, which has been ruled by chauvinism for years, is fading over time.

Therefore, the NRFF urges all Mon youth to fight unitedly under the goal of achieving their own self-determination and fight the common enemy, the military regime, together for national liberation.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo- CJ


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