Thaton, 29 December

Regime forces arrived and took 1.7 million kyat and a mobile phone from Lin Yaung Chi monastery in Wiyaw Village of Mon State’s Thaton Township, reported the KNU on 28 December.

Around 30 regime troops from the No. 9 Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) stormed the Lin Yaung Chi monastery, taking 17 lakhs, a mobile phone, and some food without asking permission from the abbot, the spokesperson from KNU-Thaton District told Than Lwin Times.

The junta troops seized money and assets belonging to the monks but did nothing to harm the monks and novices.

The battalions based in Thaton fired at least 10 artillery shells into Wiyaw village and surrounding villages in the morning and evening of that day, according to a statement from the KNU-Thaton District.

According to KNU-Thaton District, military council troops frequently fire heavy weapons into civilian settlements, as well as forcefully take, loot, and destroy people’s and religious property along the way of their march.

News- Than Lwin Times

Photo- Social Media

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