Mawlamyine, August (26)

The military council asked for a list of policemen who would be able to go to the front line and persuaded them that if they returned from the front line, they would be promoted along with the house or the plot of land.

However, the military council did not force the policemen to do so and said that only those who wished to go to the front line should give the name lists.

It has been reported that the military council requested the lists of policemen who would be able to go to the front line from the relevant police chiefs in states and regions. But Than Lwin Times has not been able to confirm that report yet.

A PDF member said, “We think that their strength has weakened. The PDF will fight anyone—soldiers or police. The police will not have combat capabilities like soldiers”.

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, there are 180,000 police officers and staff in the structure of Myanmar’s police force.

Currently, military council soldiers and police forces are facing attacks from local resistance forces, and there are few people who want to serve in the law enforcement agency.

The coup leader enacted the “Myanmar Police Law” on March 25 this year, which includes the provision “to participate in national defense and security matters when necessary.”

In addition, Section 18 Sub-section (i) of the Police Law, signed by the military leader, stipulates the responsibility of the police to “participate in matters of national defense and security”.

Therefore, political analysts have observed that the police law is intended to use policemen who are only responsible for national security to carry out military operations.

News – Than Lwin Times

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