Police station attacked in Belin


Belin, August (26)

The police station in Sayar San ward in Mon State’s Belin township was bombed with a drone on August 25, the sources told Than Lwin Times.

There was an explosion at the police station in a drone attack by an unidentified group.

Then the policemen opened fire in the direction where the drones came from.

“We heard gunshots shortly after the explosion in the police station. Then an ambulance entered the police station. There might have been some casualties,” a local said.

Than Lwin Times has not yet been able to confirm the details of the situation as to whether any security forces were injured in the attack on Belin police station.

The Telegram accounts of military lobbyists reported that there weren’t any fatalities in the attack.

On May 13, Belin police station was attacked by a bomb-carrying drone, but nobody was harmed since the bomb went off in the street in front of the police station.

News – Than Lwin Times


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