Kyainseikgyi, January (17)

The KNU Spokesperson, Pado Saw Taw Nee, said the 8-day ban on vehicles on the Kyainseikgyi-Phayar Thone Su route in Karen State was put in place out of concern for the safety of the passengers.

It is a very dangerous situation for travelers because of the fierce fighting in Kyainseikgyi Township, according to the statement of KNU (Dooplayar District ) signed by Secretary Saw Liston.

The KNU (Doopayar District) has informed that vehicles will not be permitted to travel on the Kyainseikgyi-Phayar Thone Su route from January 16 to 23.

The KNLA joint forces in Kyainseikgyi Township also appealed to the public to follow the statement issued by the KNU (Dooplayar District).

On January 4, the combined force of KNLA Brigade 6 attacked the junta bases—Infantry Battalions 283, 284, and 32—at the same time in Dooplayar District. Both sides suffered casualties in the battle.

After the incident, the regime forces dropped bombs on the villages in Kyainseikgyi, opening fire indiscriminately into the villages and clashing with KNLA joint forces.

According to the local People’s Administration Team, the military column conducting operations in Kyainseikgyi killed residents, used them as human shields, and set fire to homes.

Over 16,000 people in more than 20 villages in Kyainseikgyi Township are currently seeking refuge as a result of the conflict between the two sides, according to a survey conducted by the People’s Administration Team of Kyainseikgyi. News-Than Lwin Times

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